Kerbal Space Program

Space Mission Design Course

  • Age 10 & above
  • Beginner Level
  •  15 hrs (entire curriculum)
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Fundamental Course :  $1,350

Ever dream of flying above the clouds and travel in space? Join us on this exciting journey to learn the basic of spaceflight!
  Fundamental Course (Start at 28/3)
  Advanced Course (Stay tuned)
 Capstone Project *
 Graduation Certificate *
* Upon completion of both the fundamental and advanced course, along with the capstone project, a certificate will be issued to the student. 

Billy Hau

10Botics Instructor
  • Lehigh University - Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
  • Aerospace Technologist at the US Space Agency
  • "Young Innovators" STEM outreach program Director
  • FIRST Robotics Competition #120 Team Instructor
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Course Overview

  • Designed for Student Age 10 & Above
  • No Prior Aerospace Knowledge Necessary 
  • Simply Learn Complicated Engineering Concepts
  • Learning Through Play

Course Highlights

  • Rocket Propulsion
  • Orbital Mechanics
  • Spacecraft Design
  • Manned Lunar Mission Design
  • Simulation with Kerbal Space Program
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Free Online Trial Class

March 18, 2022 (Friday)
1 pm - 2 pm (1 hour)

Online Zoom Classroom
Student: Age 10 & Above
Seat Quota: 5 

Brief Overview of Rocket Propulsion Principals
Basic Rocket Assembly in KSP

Remark: Students need to bring their own computer with internet function (iPad is not compatible)

What is Kerbal Space Program?

  • A realistic space flight simulator
  • Build rockets to send crew members into space
  • Set on the fictional planet ‘Kerbin’
  • Green humanoid aliens called Kerbals inside the game help assemble rockets
  • Three different modes: sandbox, science, and career mode
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Why study the Kerbal Space Program?

Inspire creativity

Design different types of rockets, spacecraft and space stations

Learn various scientific principles

Example: Rocket Propulsion and Orbital Mechanics Principles of Space

Train multiple abilities

Students may face many challenges in performing space missions, cultivating their patience and problem-solving skills

Fundamental Course Schedule

5 Sessions, 1.5 hr each
1 pm - 2:30 pm (1.5 hr)

  • [March 28] Rocket Propulsion
  • [March 30]  Reentry and Descent System
  • [April 4]       Multistage Rocket Design
  • [April 6]       Introduction to Orbits
  • [April 11]     Orbital Maneuver I - Simple Burns

Online Zoom Classroom
Quota: 10 people 

Kerbal Space Program software is included (value $220)!!!

Fee: $1,500 (Early Bird Discount: $1,350)

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KSP Demonstration

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Expected Learning Outcomes

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Learn the Fundamental Principals of Rocket Propulsion and Orbital Mechanics

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Utilize Scientific Concept to Launch an Apollo-style Mission to the Moon

Course Lessons

Course Outlines

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