Donkey Car 究竟係咩嚟?| CUHK

Jun 15
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我地琴日同一眾來自唔同學校嘅校長同老師分享左我地公司嘅所制造嘅donkey car以及最新完成嘅app 'robocar controller' 。希望呢個工作坊可以為未來嘅人工智能發展提供重要嘅學習資源。喺個工作坊入面,我哋示範左咩係自動駕駛汽車,以及呢個課題其實係好適合嘅一個切入點,透過Donkey Car可以帶出好多跟得上社會科技發展趨勢嘅技術,例如監督學習(Supervised learning)——通過對每個樣本提供預測量嘅真實值,從而對學習起到監督作用。呢個概念亦都係我哋donkey car嘅基本技術構造。除此之外我哋亦為Donkey Car製造左一個手機軟件,方便用家係唔使打coding嘅情況下都可以對donkey car做到校對-->手動駕駛-->訓練-->自動駕駛,慳返Coding嘅時間。同學們可以專注於做實驗以及對AI發揮獨特嘅想像力! 同時,我哋亦非常重視人工智能發展而帶嚟嘅道德法律社會問題,希望校長同老師們係做各種實驗嘅過程中,除咗獲得知識技巧之外,仲可以欣賞道德嘅重要性!

What a nice experience to share our donkey car and new mobile app ‘Robocar Controller’ to teachers and principals. Hope this workshop provided brilliant ideas and resources for the future development of AI education.

In the workshop, we demonstrated that ‘autonomous car’ is indeed an excellent theme to teach AI. Various up-to-date technology can be brought out using our donkey cars. For example, supervised learning, a kind of machine learning based on labeling of training sets, is applied in our donkey car as the major machine learning type. Additionally, we proudly developed a user-friendly mobile app for calibration, driving, training, and autopiloting of our donkey car, saving students time from unnecessary coding, and help focus on the imagination of AI creation!
We also value the STSE connection of the AI curriculum. Ethical, legal, social problems of machine learning have been controversial around the world. Other than knowledge and practical skills, we also hope students could have a positive attitude and morality towards this issue, through our resourceful tools!

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